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El Castellet - Parque de Foix - 30 min en coche



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Castle Castellet is located in the natural park of Foix, 2 geographical location situated halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona, in the region of Alto Penedés.

Today the castle of Castellet is the headquarters of the Abertis, 3 Foundation and its interior are combined past and present with Romanesque halls of great archaeological value and modern rooms that the foundation gives way for industrial use as book presentations, studies, conventions …

The location is ideal for work and, in addition to a castle, a medieval village know everything as Castellet and Gornal. Access is easy and direct from any of the provincial capitals surrounding it.

Castellet Castle rose in defense of the Spanish March in the year 977. His first appearance was very basic, formed only by a “domicilium” the watchtower, the tower of homage and a small wall that enclosed the set . More than a castle was a fortified house where weapons were stored food for the soldiers who came to their borders with the mission of defending the mark in the battles of the Reconquista. During the tenth and eleventh centuries this very troubled border separating the Al-Andalus Christian counties stretching from the beaches of the Garraf to the stiff resistance in Asturias.

Hispanic Marca was a border whose virtue was that, gradually, was descending in latitude and, gradually, was expelling the Arabs to Granada. It was a vast network of castles with their visual covering large tracts of land and so they helped each other.

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Castellet 08729 Barcelona, Spain. See map

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